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Instructions on how to purchase items on our eStore and make payment

1. Choose the items you wish to purchase

2. Click “Add to Cart”

Note: At this stage if you have not registered your name on our website or did not sign in, the system will prompt you to register as “new customer” OR sign in as “returning customer”. Please sign in OR follow the instructions here to register yourself first before you can proceed to purchase from our eStore.

3. Click “ Process Checkout”

4. Click “Bill to this address”

5. Click “Ship to this address”

Note: Even if you are purchasing items eg. baking or cooking classes which shipping is not applicable, just click “ship to this address” in order to move on to the next step.

6. Click “Continue next Step”

7. Big Candle – Choose “No” if you do not require any or if not applicable

8. Small Candle – Choose “No” if you do not require or if not applicable

9. Class Date – Click on date of class or collection or delivery date whichever is applicable.

Note: If you are purchasing items eg. Membership which a Date is not applicable, just click current date or next date in order to move on to next step.

10. Join Membership – Click “Yes” if you wish to join which you will have to pay RM50 for 1 year OR Click “No, thanks” if you do not wish to join.

11. Click “Continue next Step”

12. Choose “Bank Transfer” if you wish to do IBG OR “MOLPay Payment Gateway” if you wish to pay by credit card

13. Click “Proceed to Payment”

Note: For credit card, you will be directed to MOLPay Payment Gateway. Please complete your details for payment.

Any problems, please call us at 016-377 8236 for help.