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Cooking & Baking Classes Promotion
Jan - Apr 2018 Promotion. Valid for a limited time only
Our new Jan-Apr 2018 Class Calender is OUT. Cooking and Baking Classes at RM161 or RM175 per class.
Discover the simple science behind baking classic Hand-Kneaded Bread, creative Party Cupcakes and Cookies, delectable Chocolate Desserts, festive Chinese New Year bakes.
Ignite your passion for cooking and be inspired by new ideas with our creative classes. Malaysian Local Favourites – Roti, Nasi and Noodles. Malay Kenduri dishes. Authentic Malaysian Cuisine & Fine Dining Plating, Homemade Spinach and Squid Ink Pasta, Local Chinese Dialect Cuisine – Cantonese, Hakka, Teochew and Classic Chinese Noodles – Sang Har Meen, Lor Mee, Mee Sua, Si Chap Hor Fun. Great deals not to be missed! Hurry, Book Now @ our Class Calender Jan-Apr 2018 page

What's NEW? ...Join us for Hand-Knead Plain & Flavoured Bread Masterclass
This bread master class consists of 2 parts - Plain White Bread and Flavoured Bread (RM175 per class).
In bread making, the technique is the most important step. Learn how to prepare bread by using a sponge-dough method (unlike the normal straight dough method often seen in YouTube or other bread making classes).
The importance of mixing yeast at the right timing with the right ingredients to enjoy the great bread taste after kneading them with your own hands. Master the secrets of hand-kneading. The important 12 steps in bread making procedures may seem a lot but once you have mastered them in these classes, you might just get addicted to making bread!


Beginners Baking Programme - 1 Programme x 4 classes (RM60 per class)
Beginners Baking Classes @ RM240 per pax (1 programme each month from Jan to Apr 2018)
Adults (including young kids or teenagers) who are keen to learn or improve their baking skills should join this specially designed baking programme. The objective is for first time bakers to discover their interest and love for the culinary world with participation in baking classes. This programme is also aimed at nurturing the participant to learn baking skills from scratch and gradually improve these baking skills over a period of time.
Students will be taught the different tips and beginners’ baking techniques. They will learn about the ingredients used in baking and begin a journey of discovering the wonderful world of sense, smell and taste.


Handmade Pasta from Scratch...Learn how to make flavoured pasta
Spinach Pasta and Squid Ink Pasta (RM175 per class)
Making your own pasta dough is easy! Believe it or not. No pasta machine. Learn the “Knive and Ruler” method for fine results from our Chef. Learn to cook Spinach Pasta with Carbonara Sauce and Crispy Beef Slice and Squid Ink Pasta with Marinara Sauce and Crispy Mushroom Chips. Cook it and plate the pasta dish finely as seen in Fine Dining Restaurants. Just as preparation is an essential part of cooking, plating is an essential part of the dining experience.

Authentic Malaysian Cooking & Fine Dining Plating Classes
Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu (RM175 per class).
Using fresh local ingredients, learn how to work with fresh herbs, the technicality of activating spices by using heat application and the magic of using the right cooking technique in local dishes cookery. These classes teaches you how to prepare and cook authentic Nasi dishes that will taste like it has been prepared by a local makcik. To add a little modernity to the dish, learn how to plate it finely as seen in Fine Dining Restaurants. As they always say, the food must look as good as it tastes.
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